Advertising on L2ELO

Our announcer offers 3 types of placement:

  • Free placement
  • VIP placement with highlighting
  • Platinum placement with maximum visibility highlighting


To place a server, you need to register and add a project/server

  • Log in / register on the site
  • Go to personal account
  • Now click on the [Add Server] button
  • If you don't have a project yet, select [+ Add a new project]
  • Enter the details of your project and server. One project can have several servers, for example: x3 / x100 / x1200

Examples and prices of placement:

Free placement

Price: Free

  • ⦁⦁⦁L2Serverx100Interlude12.11.2023
VIP placement

Price for 10 days: 10$

Price for 30 days: 25$

  • VIPL2Serverx100Interlude12.11.2023
Platinum placement

Price for 10 days: 35$

Price for 30 days: 50$

  • VIPL2Serverx100Interlude12.11.2023


Payment can be made on the website, in the personal account, or through:

We accept: